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Corporate Jewels Consulting was founded in 2016, when CEO and Chief Shift Implementor, Juel Jones, decided to step out on faith and use her multifaceted gifts for the masses. With a varied background ranging from management to marketing and research, Juel was frustrated with her corporate job, not handling internal and external partners in the best way.

With her keen sense of judgment and numerous years of experience, she identified that most businesses are not honest about their business needs on various levels. If this was the case for large well-known companies, then surely small companies and individuals are plagued with this unsettling truth.

It is the mission of Corporate Jewels Consulting to provide honest business advice to all its clients. Corporate Jewels Consulting is an administrative firm helping small businesses and individuals create and implement shifts that will help them shine and increase their bottom line. With creative custom copywriting, content creation, system implementation, and intense brainstorming sessions designed to examine any idea for your business that will thoroughly provide creative insight into the administrative tasks that plague small business owners and individuals.

If you’re a small business or individual free thinker, contact or connect with Juel to experience a SHIFT in your industry. Corporate Jewels provides a wide range of services. When people get honest about their business needs, they call Corporate Jewels.



My name is Juel Jones, and I am an expert content development creator and copywriter in the entrepreneurial and startup space! I help small businesses and individuals increase their company awareness by creating systems and implementing processes to increase their shine and bottom line.

Managed and produced original digital content for multiple social media accounts, websites, and print.  Increased brand awareness with Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram – social media visibility boosting.

Collaborated and worked closely with speakers, coaches, and other business professionals to improve the quality of their provided services and enhanced their internal systems to increase the bottom line.

c r e a t i v e g e n i u s


Mar 2019 - Current BIOGRAPHY & RESUME CREATION Quiet Storm, Petersburg, Virginia

  • Not your average bio and resume. Creating a biography no matter what your industry or profession takes the cake with Corporate Jewels. Expect your bio to reflect your accomplishments, future endeavors, and your mission in your own voice. The approach Corporate Jewels takes is unconventional and personal solidifying your work will be one of a kind.
  • Increase your visibility to your current audience and gain traction with a new one once you have a Corporate Jewels bio custom-tailored to your look, feel, and why your ideal customer or client can relate to you and needs you.
  • Secure that next position or investor with a dynamic resume upgrade or complete re-do. Read a correlation of words and phrases to describe why your skills and experience directly correspond to the position at hand and why you're the best fit not only for the job but for the company. An empowering resume will give you the boost of confidence and a reminder to yourself what you possess on paper and inside.

Jan 2016 - Current COPYWRITING & CONTENT CREATOR Websites, Brochures, Social Media, Chicago, IL

  • Daring, appealing, exciting, robust. Just a few words to describe your next project with Corporate Jewels, chief content creator. Juel's ability to match your company's vibe and translate your message with visual words to evoke meaning and take action is just what you're looking for.
  • Experience content creations that defy templates and make you stand out with entertaining and educational material to cater to your target audience their interest and challenges. Get ready to be identified as the leader in your market with thought proking and noteworthy content.
  • Partner with Corporate Jewels to have your next media creation done in any mode or method you desire. A collection of your information highlighting the What, When, Where, and How to Take Action strategically placed on any mode of media will get the results you desire and so much more.


March 2020 - Present Website Copy Eboni Montsho, Eboni Montsho Ignites

What can I say about Juel.....well, the company name is an absolute match to what you will receive working with Juel. She is a DIAMOND, a PEARL, an ONYX and a RUBY all in one! Juel listens attentively to your plan and then delivers more than what you asked for. Her ability to make your dreams come alive is unmeasurable. If you are looking to work with someone who is very passionate about delivering a quality product, ensuring you are beyond satisfied and gets excited about the work, look NO further! Corporate Jewels is the agency for you. Juel is a rare find!

November 2017 - April 2019 COPYWRIGHT EDITING Tahiti M.Spears-Fitzpatrick, 0514

Juel was amazing to work with. Highly organized and professional from beginning to end. Aesthetically she knows what her clients needs and wants and communicates that with grace.

January 2016 - Present CONTENT DEVELOPMENT Daniella Coffey, WOFEN

Working with CJC has been life changing for my business. Juel has a plethora of knowledge, tools and strategies that has increase my bottom line by 70%. CJC has been almost a one stop shop for my IT business needs. If you are looking to increase your bottom line,, I highly recommend Corporate Jewels Consulting

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